About AVLF and Focus on the Family Library

 AVLF was birthed out of the Focus on the Family Library, which was founded in 1991 in the home of Edith Struik, with the agreement of Focus on the Family - USA. Edith wanted to share these helpful family resources and radio broadcasts with the English speaking Genevan public.

A Library Committee was formed, and in 1997 we were able to move into La Boussole, which is located in the centre of Geneva at La Maison de la Bible.

Since the inception of the Library, we have continued to enjoy ministry partner status with Focus on the Family - USA. As the vision grew to encompass the French speaking public and to expand our activities, the Committee was encouraged to form into an association so as to be able to serve and to reach a larger audience more effectively. In November 2004, ASSOCIATION VIVE LA FAMILLE (AVLF) was registered as a non-profit association.

We are a multilingual ministry committed to help preserve the family in the face of social, ethical and educational challenges. Our mission is:-

to promote Christian family values

to offer helpful tools for married life, parenting and

the development of intergenerational relationships

We aim to fulfill these objectives through the four pillars of the Association.